Natural Enterprise

an economic and environmental partnership

Our Vision, Aims, Values and Strategic Priorities

Today our vision is to support and promote sustainable and joined up economic and environmental development, helping to increase the value of the Island’s economy, the wellbeing of its people and to make the Island a better place to live.

We aim to:

  • Work with partners to deliver real change, both big and small
  • Support individual businesses, organisations and individuals to develop
  • Promote and encourage investment
  • Champion creativity, innovation and enterprise
  • Challenge and inform decision maker

Our values:

  • Be regarded as a centre of excellence in our chosen areas
  • Work in partnership where it makes a difference
  • Be impartial and inclusive
  • Delivery-focused and committed to getting things done
  • Make a real difference
  • Invest in our people
  • Be positive and outward looking
  • Re-invest any surpluses on the Island
  • Be community-focused

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • Supporting the growth of the rural economy, in particular the land-based sectors with a focus on job creation
  • Embracing the elements of Mission Zero where we can make a difference and it aligns with our other strategic priorities
  • Providing professional services for the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment
  • Attracting new investment to the Island in our key strategic areas
  • Operating as a catalyst for greater community engagement with the natural environment
  • Undertaking local regeneration projects which deliver either economic and/or environmental benefit

Influencing policy by providing an impartial and informed view on key economic and environmental issues

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