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Let's Buy Local

Let’s Buy Local was a campaign to encourage Islanders to explore the brilliant shops on our doorstep.

The Island has an extensive selection of independent shops selling everything that’s lovely and local. And if you can’t get to the high street many shops will deliver to you door. If you want a good reason to ‘say hello to your high street’, then here are eight…

1. Supporting the high street helps us all

63p of every £1 spent in an independent shop goes back into the local economy.

2. It’s good for jobs

You’ll be helping people to keep their jobs and hopefully create more. Having a healthy economy makes the Island a wonderful place to live and work – and more tourists will want to visit us too.

3. You’ll get great deals

Your local shops have some great deals that can’t be found online – plus regulars are often rewarded with loyalty schemes.

4. It’s a safe way to shop

Shops across the Island are Covid-safe, with customer limits, plastic partitioning and lashings of hand sanitiser.

5. You’re supporting the community

Our local businesses generate revenue to support the Council services that we all use, such as libraries, parks and roads.

6. You’ll be spoilt for choice

 You can buy something special that’s made with love. Small businesses often stock items which are made locally and aren’t available anywhere else.

7. It’s a friendly experience

Sometimes there’s nothing like a friendly face and a bit of a chat, particularly during these difficult times. Also small businesses are run by people who want you to have a great experience – and that means that they’ll share their expertise and go ‘the extra mile’ for you.

8. You’ll be doing your bit for the planet

Local shops often use local suppliers – and shoppers can walk or cycle to get their goodies. This means that we’re all doing our bit to reduce air pollution and traffic and improve the quality of the Island’s high streets.

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