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Isle of Wight Brand

Building the Isle of Wight Brand

The Isle of Wight has a brand known as “Spirits Raised” which was designed to help raise the profile of the Island and promote it as a modern, progressive and attractive place for people to visit, invest and live.

The “Spirits Raised” logo is a registered trademark and can be licensed to users who want to help promote the Isle of Wight through their own marketing activities.
The Isle of Wight combines beautiful surroundings and a more relaxed way of life, with a thriving, resourceful business community and vibrant events & festivals.

We want to share the Isle of Wight with people and businesses who will appreciate Island life and will bring new ideas and new investment. We have been working to let people know the many benefits of living, working and visiting the Isle of Wight, to make sure investment continues, businesses succeed and we all benefit from a buoyant economy.