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Barometer Business

Isle of Wight Barometer Business On-line Survey

As part of our work to ensure key economic decisions on the Island are made from a well informed position, Natural Enterprise introduced the Barometer Business survey which has been running since October 2008.

Barometer Business involves a quarterly survey of a wide range of Island businesses which reflect the make-up of the Island’s economy. Designed to take less than 6 minutes on-line to complete, the survey provides a dynamic, informed snapshot of the Island’s economy.

By detecting and tracking changes, not only can the Island’s situation be accurately reported, but participating businesses can benefit from this information in shaping their own businesses. In this way the needs of the Island can be understood to ensure the promotion of a thriving Island economy.

If you would like to take part in the next Barometer Business Survey please contact us on 01983 296244 or email