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Appley Tower

Natural Enterprise continues to work with partners to try to secure the long-term future of Appley Tower.

The 2019 Appley Tower Feasibility Study, funded by the Costal Revival Fund:

  • Determined the cost to bring the Tower into a good state of repair, carry out improvements and to establish the future annual maintenance costs

  • Explored income generating activities that:

    • Create a unique destination along Appley Beach

    • Protect community access to the Tower

    • Respect the architectural heritage and are mindful of the visual impact of any changes

    • Are achievable within the physical constraints of the Tower and its curtilage

    • Respect the Appley Beach environment

    • Support local regeneration goals

    • Provide sufficient income to keep the Tower in a good state of repair
    • Provided an evidence base to secure future funding.

    The next stage of the project is to build on the findings of the Feasibility Study and develop a detailed proposal to raise the funds required to carry out the essential repairs to the tower and establish a sustainable future. One where the tower is able to self-fund the annual cost to keep it in a good state of repair.

    The Feasibility Study established the cost of the renovations to the tower to be in excess of £220K.

    Graham Biss, Managing Director of Natural Enterprise commented, "Building on the work completed to date, we now hope to be in a position to seek funding for the renovations and improvements to the tower by the end of the year.

    We are grateful for the support received from Architectural Heritage Fund which has allowed us to move to the final development stage, and the continued support of Ryde Town Council. Whilst the challenge is to establish a sustainable future for the tower it remains important that community use is a key part of the final proposal."

    A spokesman from Architectural Heritage Fund said “We are delighted to support Natural Enterprise to take the next steps in bringing Appley Tower back into community use. The grant will enable them to appoint an architect to develop the plans to obtain consents and raise capital funds towards securing the future of this much loved-building.”

    The Appley Tower Feasibility Study was funded by the Coastal Revival Fund.

    Coastal Revival Fund

    The Great British Coast has enormous economic potential and this government is determined to see it thrive all year round.

    Across our Great British Coast we have outstanding heritage assets that we can be proud of but some of these assets need to find new uses for the 21st century. MHCLG has invested £3.7 million through the Coastal Revival Fund to support 92 projects that will bring these assets back into economic use and help the regeneration of our coastal towns”

    The Appley Tower final development stage has been supported by the Architectural Heritage Fund.