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Natural Enterprise draws on the charitable and business roots of its founding organisations; the Isle of Wight Economic Partnership and the Island 2000 Trust to create new and dynamic links between the environment and economy.

Natural Enterprise has a passion for making a positive impact.

As a company, we provide a wide range of services, both locally and regionally; from economic development work, extensive project delivery, through to managing European and other Rural & Economic Development Funding Programmes.

Our team combines expertise in sustainable development, supporting business, project management, communications with the depth and range of experience to deliver practical solutions for our clients and partners. Natural Enterprise bridges the different perspectives of the public and private sectors, the economy and the environment and similarly, we can draw upon our partners to ensure that in all our work there is a clear focus on delivering the value and requirements for our clients.

Based on the Isle of Wight, Natural Enterprise’s profits are reinvested for the sole benefit of the Isle of Wight, its communities and countryside. We will continue to make a positive difference to the communities we live and work in, contributing our resource and expertise.